Top UX Tips to Increase Sales on Your E-Commerce Website

UX Tips to Increase SalesWhen deciding on how to increase sales on your e-Commerce website, it’s not enough to take and simply create a page, calling it a landing page and expect instant sales from just one advertisement. You can invest as much as you want in advertising, however, if the site was originally folded up incorrectly, you won’t see a noticeable increase in conversions. There are a number of basic psychological norms that your potential customers respond to, which should initially introduced into the selling design.

Simplicity of design, simplicity of content

Avoid unnecessary piles of graphics or forms and superfluous text that no one will read. An inviting and simple design will attract much more attention. Examine your audience, show them what they want to see. If you’re not sure about your writing skills, you can always turn to an essay writing service where specialists create the text that will certainly please your customers’ eyes. Continue reading Top UX Tips to Increase Sales on Your E-Commerce Website

How to Fix Common WordPress Formatting Issues

WordPress formatting issuesWordPress has established a platform that enables writers to create content that is readable because of their editing tools. From bold and italics to using subheads and snappy bullets, the formatting bar allows the creation of engaging and easy to look at pages. However, there are solutions for people who do not use the built-in editor directly or who are not aware of the shortcuts that can speed up the formatting process. The article analyses how to fix common WordPress formatting issues. Solving formatting issues requires users to leverage the solutions offered by WordPress to create readable and engaging work. Continue reading How to Fix Common WordPress Formatting Issues

Some Important Web Design Tactics to Help Your Business

Important web design tacticsIt’s no easy task to create a website that follows the modern trends and satisfies your clients’ demands at the same time. As businesses tend to invest heavily in marketing, a top-notch online presence is also mandatory for ultimate exposure. The traffic to your website and the lead generation process primarily depend on the layout of the website. Have you ever wondered why visitors don’t turn into customers? The answer is simple: your website is not attractive enough and it’s lacking one or many crucial elements that trigger the purchase.

The effectiveness of web design elements depends upon the cultural norms and values of the people you aim to target. For example, the Dubai web design companies seem to be more influenced by the Arab culture and traditions, similarly to the European and American design companies that follow the convention of traditional norms. Continue reading Some Important Web Design Tactics to Help Your Business

Increase Your Leads and Sales With Internet Marketing

Increase leads and salesStarting a business is not a difficult task but making it successful is the trickiest thing. In fact, business owners have tried options to promote their business through banners, TV ads, networking, and much more, and they spent a lot of money. However, the best approach is the one that returns the highest profit.

In today’s era, following this technique to promote your business is outdated and costly too. Secondly, this method of promotion reaches a limited audience. If you want to expand your business, you have to move your focus on online marketing. Also, by following the method of e-marketing, every person can easily promote their business without spending a lot of money. But, the most important question business owners have to answer is how to generate leads and increase sales? Continue reading Increase Your Leads and Sales With Internet Marketing

8 Top Newsletters for Keeping Up With the World of WordPress

top world of wordpress newslettersWordPress is more than just a platform for building websites. It’s a global community made up of developers, bloggers, and a host of other people invested in making the platform better. With so much activity taking place across the world, it can be hard to keep track of all things WordPress.

Fortunately, there are also plenty of excellent resources dedicated to sharing WordPress news. By subscribing to a combination of daily, weekly, and monthly newsletters from WordPress professionals and enthusiasts, you’ll be able to stay in the loop. Plus, you’ll also be better positioned to prepare for upcoming developments.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of eight of the best newsletters for keeping up with the world of WordPress. You’ll learn more about what each one covers, who runs it, and why it’s invaluable to WordPress users. Let’s get to it! Continue reading 8 Top Newsletters for Keeping Up With the World of WordPress

How to Use Python for Marketing

python for marketingPython is a very versatile and powerful programming language with many great features and capabilities, which make it one of the leading programming languages in the marketplace. It is able to improve the major mistakes made by the marketers in their respective digital marketing strategies.

Data science, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and arithmetic based programming are the top capabilities of Python that increase the demand of Python developers. As we know, the global market size of digital marketing is expanding exponentially due to its cheap prices and improved effectiveness. The latest research suggests that more than 30% of the companies in the world are planning to invest 75% of their marketing budgets in digital marketing. Continue reading How to Use Python for Marketing

Best 5 Child WordPress Themes for 2019

WordPress child themesWith thousands of WordPress themes available, we understand it’s difficult to pick the most appropriate theme that matches your requirements. To your wonder, there are some amazing WordPress themes that are multi-purpose and a single theme can serve most user needs. Picking the right theme can make an incredible difference for your blog or website. Read below to explore a few hand-picked themes which are the most popular WordPress themes in their respective categories.

Let’s begin with: Continue reading Best 5 Child WordPress Themes for 2019

How Chatbots Can Help the E-Commerce Industry

Chatbots help ecommerceBehind every eCommerce site is a complex network of systems like payments, tech support, logistics, and customer services, just to name a few. eCommerce business owners have to cater to their customers’ preferences and keep themselves up-to-date with the latest in eCommerce, all while keeping an eye on the bottom line. It’s a back-breaking task, which is why automation has become the need of the hour.

But it’s not just the sheer number of business owners that make chatbots a must-have for eCommerce websites. There are many reasons more and more companies are using chatbots, such as: Continue reading How Chatbots Can Help the E-Commerce Industry

I Have Optimized My Website, but It’s Still Running Slow

Google rankingIn January 2018, Google made the momentous announcement that mobile search algorithms will take page load speed into account starting July 2018. According to Google, the site speed is a crucial touchstone for the algorithmic site ranking purpose, and Google meticulously charts the site’s loading span. Google does this for a simple reason: if search engine crawlers take too much time to access pages, they give up on you, and your pages don’t get indexed properly.

Experienced SEO strategists know that visibility, credibility, and brand awareness are critical goals for any business, and the site’s user-friendliness and ability to deliver a great user experience are vital for achieving the three goals. Because of Google’s growing emphasis on user experience, companies can no longer ignore SEO best practices, one of which is site speed. Continue reading I Have Optimized My Website, but It’s Still Running Slow

How to Start Improving the Video SEO for your Website

Improving video SEOYou started publishing video content on your website. But have you optimized it for search engines? Without proper optimization, your videos won’t rank well in searches. Videos are different than text-based content, as search engines can’t watch videos to see what they contain (yet). Therefore, you need to provide as much information as possible.

That is why video SEO is so important. In some ways it is similar to conventional SEO, but there are significant differences as well. Let’s see what the ingredients for great Video SEO are: Continue reading How to Start Improving the Video SEO for your Website