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6 Easy Technical SEO Tips to Boost your Site’s Search Visibility

Technical SEO can be a real pain for non-techies or anyone without prior programming background. But technical SEO is absolutely essential to rank well on search engines and protects you from getting hit with a Google penalty.

More importantly, it helps ensure Google can find and crawl your website. This is fundamental to your website being found – search visibility.  In the post, I’ll show you 6 easy Technical SEO tips to boost your website’s search visibility.

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Web Development & Designing Trends of 2018

Web Development & Designing Trends of 2018To improve is to change and to attain perfection is to change often.
Winston Churchill

Technology keeps changing and upgrading. So, if you want to be on top of your game, it’s very important to do the same. As you explore and learn about developing and design, you embark on an adventure that could be both exciting and confusing. Nonetheless, if you are here, keep moving forward!

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8 Smart Ways to Utilize Images the Right Way for the Web and for SEO

8 Smart Ways to Utilize ImagesA picture could really be worth a thousand words and that’s completely up to you.

Let’s say you visit a website and you read the first two sentences. Then you read the next two. You are way into two paragraphs when you realize that there are more words, so you scroll down and there is not one image in the entire post. What do you do? You close the site and go somewhere else.

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3 Ways To Display Your Favorite Travel Photos

show your picturesSnapshots Of The Finest Times: Life is a roller coaster with no restraints and a lot of corkscrew loop-the-loops. You’ve got to hang on! It’ll be a fun ride, but sometimes it might get dangerous, and, other times – downright painful. Nonetheless, remembering the good keeps us going, and pictures represent an excellent way to revive our favorite memories. When the valley seems to never end, through pictures we bring back the moments when we felt on top of the world.

Keep the pictures that are the closest to your heart, handy. More than that, display them in a way that complements the scene or the photographer. Staging backgrounds and facilitating effective presentation are often pursued when public showing your images, and for good reasons: such staging, done appropriately, almost takes the viewer there.

Do you want to get a little creative with your fabulous photos from that trip to Canada or the honeymoon in Bonaire? These are three ways in which you can display your favorite travel photos:

travel pictures display

1. Use Background Drops To Set The Scene

Imagine a deep green, textured backdrop for that time you and your wife took your first steps into married life. Remember the picture? In Hawaii? With the waterfall, and the lush green all around you?

Denny Manufacturing wants to help clients experience the best drops on the market, and these can perfectly add to the splendid scene you captured on your honeymoon; they could also help you take better pictures. There are a lot of things you can do with a backdrop, as it could augment the richness of your picture.

2. Set Up A Kind Of Diorama With Plants Or Decorations

Speaking of foliage, what if you put a small bonsai tree and a couple potted ferns near a fine vista of the Rocky Mountains? You can even make the picture be like wallpaper with today’s technology. The right people can print a photo right on a wall, and make it look astonishing.

Or, you could go small, using a portrait frame and a bamboo plant, or maybe some other decorations appropriate to the scene in the picture. Choose whatever speaks to you and enjoy the result.

3. Make A Collage

This is a classic way to commemorate the fun times in your life. Especially if you’re prone to taking multiple pictures, you can put them together into a collage mixed with other illustrations that move you. Today’s IoT devices are ubiquitous but useful. You may even use LED lighting that is controlled by your smartphone to set off the scene just right.

Creativity is key, and tapping into it is now easier than ever, with the help of technology. Projectors, lava lamps, LEDs— there are a lot of elements you can play with. Additionally, with programs like Photoshop, you can become the master of visuals. So, get creative and enhance what you love!

display your pictures: nature

Getting Through The Trying Times

Your home needs to be a soothing space – a sanctuary that comforts you in times of need. Properly maintain your home and regularly revitalize it. Renovate your home as you please, throw in a DIY deck, and be sure to add some décor to the interior. Perhaps you belong to the Spartan class and minimalism is your love language. Even so, customizing your space is good for the soul.

Don’t be shy when adorning your space with pictures, as they are memories you can touch. Take some time and bring back into your life the moments that really mattered. Allow yourself to take a trip down the memory lane and rejoice in finding yourself over and over again. This is how you honor the ups and make the downs bearable.

Author:  Wendy Dessler, Outreach manager
Wendy Dessler is a super-connector who helps businesses find their audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. She frequently writes about the latest advancements in digital marketing and focuses her efforts on developing customized blogger outreach plans depending on the industry and competition.

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Font Recommendations Roundup

Fonts are not something most people consider very often, although they are a critical element of typesetting to ensure readability. There are certain fonts that are more standard for certain types of documents, while in other cases there is a bit more flexibility. Personal preference also plays a significant part. What follows is a font recommendations guide depending on the type of document you are creating and some basic, useful information about fonts in general.

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5 Pitfalls of WordPress Design That Everyone Should Avoid

As WordPress is powering millions of websites all over the world, it has become the leading CMS platform. While we all love WordPress for its rich feature set, flexibility, versatility and user-friendly attributes, the platform comes with a few common design pitfalls that web developers should be aware of.

Here are some of the hidden difficulties that developers and designers should consider when working with WordPress:

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5 tips for having a successful WordPress blog

So, you have finally decided to start blogging. Yayyyyy! You are excited and pumped. The endless possibilities lie ahead. But…so does a quagmire of problems. You wonder instantly, where will I start? You do not know of anything at this stage, but that’s not a point worth scratching your head over. Everyone who went on to make hugely successful blogs, also did not have any idea, they started from scratch. The bloggers at a website designing firm were at loggerheads when they started out. They had to learn all the basics from trial and error. But that is what we are here for, so you don’t have to go through the same process all over again.

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How to Optimise Your Site for Google’s Mobile First Changes

From 2016 onwards, mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic for the first time in internet history. And it has only continued to do so from then onwards. For this reason, Google announced its intention to implement a new mobile-first indexing process when it comes to its search results. Doing so, they stated, would make searches much more relevant for the growing majority audience of mobile users, rather than minority desktop users.

A shocking number of sites are barely optimized for desktop, let alone mobile. Which is why, when Google’s mobile index rollout hits fully, many small businesses may be surprised to find a sharp decline in traffic and SERP positioning. However, pre-emptive optimization now could prevent this from happening and may even improve your websites standing. Especially if this is a change you are making and your competitors are failing to do so, leaving you one step ahead.

With that in mind, what is mobile first exactly and why is it so important that you optimize your WordPress website to meet these changes from Google?

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10 reasons why you should consider using WordPress for your website

WordPress was launched in the year 2003 as a content management system (CMS) and became the most widely used and favourite website of bloggers around the world. Though it was originally just a site for bloggers, it has now become a big, universal platform for building websites, especially for doing business online.


After you decide the name of your company, get it registered, and are done with all the details except for deciding the platform for your business website, here are the reasons that will assure you that WordPress is the best option for your official business website:

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The Top Marketing Automation Software of 2018

Email Marketing Automation SoftwareTo say that the job of a digital marketer is not an easy one would be an understatement. If we’re going to make a list of careers that require one to be a jack-of-all-trades, digital marketing would be at the top of that list. The tasks of a digital marketer are manifold and are as varied as can be.

That’s why for digital marketers, the advent of marketing automation software is something akin to a miracle. If not for the invention and proliferation of these programs that help them send thousands of emails to generate leads, manage thousands of contacts, or analyze how their websites are doing on so many levels, countless digital marketers would have pursued other careers by now.

For 2018, these are the top marketing automation tools that help make their jobs—and lives—easier.

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