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How to Optimise Your Site for Google’s Mobile First Changes

From 2016 onwards, mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic for the first time in internet history. And it has only continued to do so from then onwards. For this reason, Google announced its intention to implement a new mobile-first indexing process when it comes to its search results. Doing so, they stated, would make searches much more relevant for the growing majority audience of mobile users, rather than minority desktop users.

A shocking number of sites are barely optimized for desktop, let alone mobile. Which is why, when Google’s mobile index rollout hits fully, many small businesses may be surprised to find a sharp decline in traffic and SERP positioning. However, pre-emptive optimization now could prevent this from happening and may even improve your websites standing. Especially if this is a change you are making and your competitors are failing to do so, leaving you one step ahead.

With that in mind, what is mobile first exactly and why is it so important that you optimize your WordPress website to meet these changes from Google?

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