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Short updates for ShortPixel WordPress plugin

Image from Romania, our home country, captured with an iPhone 7 Plus. Originally 2.6MB. Automatically optimized and compressed by ShortPixel down to 134kb.

Sometimes we get busy writing code or doing customer support and we forget to sit back, breathe and do a roundup of what has happened since the last time we breathed, sat back and did a roundup of what has happened ūüôā

It does feel like a lot has happened and when we look back we are extremely appreciative to you, the person reading this blog post, our clients, partners and everybody that allowed our work to bring a positive impact to theirs.

Here’s a quick overview of things we would like to highlight and further appreciate: Continue reading Short updates for ShortPixel WordPress plugin

Why you cannot choose the compression ratio with ShortPixel

Short answer: Because you really don’t need to.

Our artificial intelligence compression algorithms compare each and every optimized image with the original and make sure that they are looking good for a human visitor. Moreover, we have three sets of algorithms for three different user cases: Lossy for most of the sites, Glossy for photographers, and Lossless for those rare situations when you cannot lose a pixel.

If you are used with offline tools like Adobe Photoshop, you could expect to find similar settings in our plugin menu.¬† Or in our online image optimization tool for that matter. That’s why we are asked from time to time if there is a way to set the compression ratio.

Long answer:

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How to resize large images with ShortPixel

ShortPixel resize function


ShortPixel Resize Images feature can reduce your hosting storage by changing the sizes of your uploaded pictures. Each time you add an image WordPress automatically generates a number of thumbnails which are deployed in your webpages. Your original pictures are rarely shown to your visitors, but they take a lot of your hosting space.

Here is how our Resize Image function works. Continue reading How to resize large images with ShortPixel

Google’s Guetzli vs. ShortPixel’s Glossy algorithm

Guetzli vs ShortPixel

Guetzli is the new JPEG encoder developed and released as open source by Google. It is designed to produce ~35% smaller files, without compromising  the picture quality. We, at ShortPixel, had recently our own update: ShortPixel Glossy optimization, the lossy new algorithm for photographers.

Testing Guetzli algorithm was mandatory for us. When you are in the image compression business, you need to get your hands on any brand new innovation and see what it can do.

How does Guetzli compare with ShortPixel’s new Glossy image optimization algorithm in terms of quality and performance? Can we use it alongside our algorithms? Does it have practical value for our users?

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Glossy, image optimization option for photographers

Glossy - optimization for photographers
Image source: Cameron Kirby

ShortPixel introduces a new image optimization option called Glossy. The new feature is a lossy optimization algorithm calibrated for the photographer’s needs. We still recommend Lossy for the most user cases, because it has the best balance between image optimization and picture quality.

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How ShortPixel credits work within your account

Immediately after setting up your free ShortPixel account, you are given 100 ShortPixel credits. Each credit allows the automatic processing of one image or thumbnail (or PDF) from your WordPress web site (or sites as you will learn below). Each and every month, regardless of whether you purchased a stack of credits from the “one-time payment” section (below the monthly and yearly plans in the Control Panel), you are given an extra 100 credits to use for free. In addition, you can get an extra 100 credits per month for every person that you refer. Continue reading How ShortPixel credits work within your account

Hello @WordPress community!

It’s been a shifting turn for us to start a project that is mainly designed for¬†WordPress users. And I must say, it feels good to be part of such a nice crowd! I’m also excited to finally say hello to everyone we’ve met so far along the way, and tell our story.

We’ve started to build ShortPixel over a year ago¬†(just realized) and many things have happened since. Some of these¬†moments should¬†not go unnoticed, so I’ll recall some of them here below.

IŐ∂mŐ∂aŐ∂gŐ∂oŐ∂oŐ∂sŐ∂eŐ∂ ¬† ShortPixel was born. With a twist.

The original name we had in mind for our service was ‘Imagoose’‚ÄĒit sounded funky, but when written down, it became¬†clear that it was a bad choice to address our users this way. Our logo¬†was originally a constipated feverish robot. Meanwhile, we gave it a chill pill to¬†change this¬†frightened look.

ShortPixel old logo

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