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ShortPixel meets Android

Yes, it is here! ShortPixel is releasing a brand new app. Introducing ShortPixel Gallery Optimizer for Android!

Do you have a smartphone and take a lot of pictures? Oh, it’s 2021 already… We will rephrase: you do have a smartphone and take a lot pictures, and that’s why the new app will be extremely useful. Your phone does not have infinite disk space, and neither does the cloud. It is not strange to find your phone or your cloud account (Google Photos, OneDrive, iCloud…) out of space after a few months or years.

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How to get adaptive images on non-WordPress websites

If you are trying to improve your site speed, you don’t need to go too far to hear or see that you need to use adaptive images, or scaled images. What is this?

Adaptive images is what you need to prevent delivering huge images to your clients with small screens. Say you upload a 3000×2000 image, would you want to deliver that huge and heavy photo to a visitor with an iPhone? It doesn’t make sense. You are just going to make their user experience worse, by slowing down the page loading. That’s why you need to “adapt” or “scale” the image according to the device.

We are sure you’ve heard of ShortPixel Adaptive Images: The best and only plugin you need to serve adaptive images, from our fast CDN and optimized with ShortPixel‘s technology.

But what if you don’t have a non-WordPress website?

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