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How to get adaptive images on non-WordPress websites

If you are trying to improve your site speed, you don’t need to go too far to hear or see that you need to use adaptive images, or scaled images. What is this?

Adaptive images is what you need to prevent delivering huge images to your clients with small screens. Say you upload a 3000×2000 image, would you want to deliver that huge and heavy photo to a visitor with an iPhone? It doesn’t make sense. You are just going to make their user experience worse, by slowing down the page loading. That’s why you need to “adapt” or “scale” the image according to the device.

We are sure you’ve heard of ShortPixel Adaptive Images: The best and only plugin you need to serve adaptive images, from our fast CDN and optimized with ShortPixel‘s technology.

But what if you don’t have a non-WordPress website?

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What is AVIF and why is it good?

AVIF is an image file format developed by Alliance for Open Media which is supposed to make our images smaller while keeping the same image quality. Experts believe that it is the next step in media compression. AOMedia’s goal is to develop open, royalty-free technology for multimedia delivery, which means that nobody will have to pay anybody to use the new AVIF format (as opposed to JPG, for example). Behind AOMedia we find big companies like Netflix, Google, Facebook, Apple or Microsoft.

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$2000 WORTH GIVEAWAY (Announcing the Winners)

1 Million Images credits (Announcing the Winners).

Time to announce the Winners!!!
So today is the day! We are finally announcing the winners of our 4 x 1 Million image optimization credits giveaway worth $2000.

We’d like to say a big thanks to everyone for participating! It has been a great pleasure receiving your shares and spreading the news that ShortPixel reached the milestone of optimizing 2 Billion Images!

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