Tips to Optimize Images for Better SEO using Magento Extensions

Optimize imagesImages are neglected the most when other SEO tasks are in process. Like other SEO tasks, image optimization also has a key role in making your website stand out in searches. You need to follow a comprehensive road map, where image optimization should be preferred just like other SEO tasks and promotional campaigns.

Without implementing proper search engine optimization techniques, it is impossible to acquire competitive advantage in search engine results. Besides, optimal keyword integration and strengthening the website through powerful back linking are considerably important. Images present on a website strongly impact the users and are relevant for search engine bots. Continue reading Tips to Optimize Images for Better SEO using Magento Extensions

How to fix 11 performance killing WordPress errors

Fix WordPress errorsSome WordPress errors could make your site inaccessible to web users. In this article, I’ll share with you 11 performance killing WordPress errors and how to fix them.

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS), with a solid market share of 60%. In fact, 34% of all websites online run on WordPress. WordPress powers top sites like the New York Times, Boing Boing, and Business Insider. While WordPress is powerful and popular, this doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. Sometimes, you may run into serious problems that could kill your performance.

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WordPress Memberships: types, features, prices

Long story short, website building has never been simpler than it is today. We have numerous resources to craft fast, attention-grabbing websites in a code-free way. Non-techies all over the globe can run their long-awaited websites without trouble in 2019. Thanks to the great digital progress, you can easily manage an online project of any complexity. You can choose from different ready-made products but how to select the right items and of course what does this has to do with WordPress memberships?

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How To Increase Your WP Site Performance

Nowadays, if your website doesn’t appear on the first page of Google search results, it means you are practically invisible to your potential users. And if you want Google to love you more and bump you up, one of the most important things you need to do is improve your WP site performance. Plus, your users will be happier not to have to go for a coffee while your page is loading 😉

Let’s see what you can do in order to optimize your website performance. Continue reading How To Increase Your WP Site Performance

Social Media Helps In Boosting E-Commerce Sales – Is It True?

ecommerce sales social mediaSocial media has changed consumer behavior. Consumers have a voice now. Advertisement is no longer a one-way road. You tell them something about your service and product, they respond with their opinion, experiences, or expectations. A single negative comment can go viral and lead to global outrage. A single positive review can convince thousands to try your service.

The impact is undeniable. Social media is indeed changing the way businesses interact with each other. The question is, can this power be harnessed to improve eCommerce sales? Today, we’ll find out. Continue reading Social Media Helps In Boosting E-Commerce Sales – Is It True?

Best WordPress Q&A Plugins to Stir Up Conversations

best Q&A plugins wordpressWe all use the web to find information and help often comes from answers we receive on Q&A websites like Quora, Answers, Reddit and Stack Exchange. These web platforms are well-known for publishing answers to questions and giving them some sort of credit score or ranking as per audience appraisal.

Well, given the fact that such interactions can be very engaging for the web audience, you can also make use of such interactive elements for your WordPress website. Yes, there are several quality WordPress plugins for this. Such plugins will allow you to encourage your audience to communicate, by publishing questions and answers. Continue reading Best WordPress Q&A Plugins to Stir Up Conversations

How iOS App Development Changes in the Next 5 Years Will Change Us All

App Development ChangesI’ll tell you what: it sure is an exciting time in iOS app development. However, this excitement will not send shockwaves up the spines of just the iOS app developers, it will give a big ol’ jolt to us all. The thing about apps is that it is understandable for the average smart device owner to assume that we are already in the sweet spot of iOS app development; after all, our phones and tablets and apps have already changed the way we take in information, communicate with our fellow humans, and, really, many of the ways we work, love, and play.

But, trust me, all this greatness is really just a scratch on the surface of what apps will be accomplishing over the next five years. iOS app development’s further harnessing of Core Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and Apple Pay is going to rock the world. Continue reading How iOS App Development Changes in the Next 5 Years Will Change Us All

Things To Consider While Collecting Design Feedback

collecting feedbackWith high doses of built-in technology, businesses are forced to enter the battlefield where they are striving hard to have an edge on competitors. To make all the racy dreams come true, do you think it’s important to keep on marching forward? Absolutely not! Sometimes you need to take a step back, so you can prove yourself later. Obtaining feedback is the easiest and best way to excel at what you do.

In tandem with web development, web designing plays a vital role in your business site’ success. If you want to stay in the spotlight, you need to leave your target audience awestruck. Only a well-designed app will do the trick. Now, design is not all about creating intimidating graphics or compelling copy; it also about collecting relevant feedbacks. Continue reading Things To Consider While Collecting Design Feedback

Every Content Marketer Should Know These Best WordPress Plugins

content is kingCan your audience understand what you say? If they can’t, why is that? If you want your message to be properly received, you have to be interesting enough. Some of your targeted people might end up lending you ears, and even if they do, very seldom will they give you their attention. Hearing someone out is the least one can do; still, target audiences tend to be resistant, especially when it comes to reading a website content that isn’t worth their time. This post discusses the art of telling a story that keeps readers interested – in short, how to nail things down in the field of content marketing. Continue reading Every Content Marketer Should Know These Best WordPress Plugins

10 Effective Tech Tips for Web Designers

Tech Tips for Web DesignersIs this your first time engaging with web design? Maybe you already have some experience, but you’re looking for ways to improve? You already have an idea on the appearance of the perfect website. You need it to be pretty, fast, engaging, user-friendly, and informative. When you look around the web, it’s easy to get loads of web design inspiration. But how do you achieve all that on a single page? We’ll give you a few tips inspired by the practices of the best web designers.

1. Use a collaborative tool to connect with the team

Even if you work on the project alone, you’ll need to talk to the client. If this is your own website, you’ll need to talk to content developers. The old-fashioned way of explaining yourself is simple: you record screen on Mac and you communicate via Skype or email. That works. But if you’re dealing with a larger team and you need better organization, you need a special tool for that. Asana is a great one. Continue reading 10 Effective Tech Tips for Web Designers