ShortPixel Adaptive Images: perfectly sized and optimized images for your visitors

ShortPixel Adaptive Images

Update: ShortPixel Adaptive Images is out of beta!

Optimized and properly sized images for each visitor’s device – wouldn’t be nice to have a service to deliver just that?

The ShortPixel Adaptive Images plugin does exactly that and it doesn’t stop there. It brings to the table automatic WebP delivery to the compatible browsers, lazy loading, SVG placeholders and smart cropping – all these delicious features that improve the experience of your site’s visitors.

And, also very important: the images are served through ShortPixel’s global CDN.

Visitors from different parts of the world get your website’s pictures from the nearest server included in our Content Delivery Network. This translates into websites that are even faster.

Does it sound interesting enough to try it? ShortPixel Adaptive Images is free until April 15.

Why do you need ShortPixel Adaptive Images for properly sized images?

Besides its limitations, Google PageSpeed Insights (GPSI) is a tremendously useful tool. You submit your site’s or your webpage’s URL and in just a few seconds, GPSI comes up with several performance suggestions for you.

One of the most common complains Google has is related to images that are too large for their placeholder. Basically, your website loads images too big for the place where they are displayed, and an unnecessary number of pixels/information is transferred to your visitors, slowing down their experience. For example, it’s common that for a 100×100 pixels placeholder an image as large as 400×400 pixels to be loaded.

By using ShortPixel Adaptive Images, you can make both your visitors and Google happy! 🙂

With the ShortPixel Adaptive Images plugin active, there are almost 100% chances to get GPSI results without image related issues.

passed audits

When a user opens a webpage from your site, our new plugin detects what device and viewport the visitor has, and it serves properly sized images.

Moreover, the newly created images are stored for 30 days on our CDN servers, and if another visitor with an identical viewport comes to the same page, then the images will be immediately served from our CDN’s closest location.


ShortPixel Adaptive Images plugin’s features

Image optimization: all images served by our new service can be optimized on-the-fly. Just select lossless, glossy or lossy from the plugins’ settings.

Image resizing on-the-fly:  your pictures are resized according to the visitor’s viewport.

Image CDN: a Content Delivery Network is a service that distributes your content through multiple servers in different locations around the world, so it can be delivered to your visitors faster.

WebP delivery: from SPAI’s settings, you can choose to serve the WebP versions of your images. The WebP format is developed by Google, and using it can improve your chances to get better SEO results.

Smart cropping: ShortPixel Adaptive Images has algorithms that can detect the subject of an image and then crop it so that the subject is emphasized. Here’s an example:

croppingLazy loading: the images are loaded gradually – the ones in the visible part of the webpage are loaded first. This gives an impression of speed to your visitors, and makes their experience more enjoyable.

SVG placeholders: pictures that are not ready to be served are replaced by SVG placeholders. This also gives your visitors a more fluent experience.


How to setup the ShortPixel Adaptive Images plugin?

The new plugin can be easily installed from your WordPress’ dashboard – Plugins section. Click on the Add new button, search for “ShortPixel Adaptive Images”. Once you find it, click Install and afterwards Activate.

shortpixel adaptive installThen, please take a few moments to verify the settings. If your images were previously optimized, we recommend that you choose Lossless compression or Glossy.

shortpixel adaptive images ai

Until the trial period ends, you don’t need to do anything else. The plugin is ready to work. And 100% free.

After April 15, you will have to sign-up for a ShortPixel account and have enough credits to run the service.


ShortPixel Adaptive Images doesn’t work for my WP Installation – what should I do?

Contact us and let us know about the issues you had while running our plugin. We might ask for temporary admin access to your site to better understand why the new plugin doesn’t work.

Currently, the plugin is in Beta, and even if we tested for multiple WP configurations, there are no two WordPress installations alike. We need your help to make this plugin run smoothly on as many WP-powered websites  as possible.

Our users helped us grow one of the most popular image optimization plugins, and we kindly ask for your feedback to do the same for this new service.


What happens with the classic ShortPixel Image Optimization plugin?

The ShortPixel Adaptive Images plugin is our answer to the What’s next question. Five years ago we launched the ShortPixel Image Optimization plugin for WordPress. Now, it’s a robust and popular service that helped hundreds of thousands of users reduce the size of their images and speed-up their websites, and it will continue to do so many years to come.
It’s simple and efficient.

But the Web evolved and there are new challenges for the the website owners. ShortPixel Adaptive Images is how we respond to these changes.

If you are convinced, try ShortPixel Adaptive Images and let us know what you think about it.

Thank you for your support 🙂

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