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ShortPixel frequently asked questions. If you cannot find your question (and answer) here please contact us.

Plugin related questions

Q: How do ShortPixel credits work?
A: With ShortPixel, there are free credits, monthly or yearly recurring credits, and one-time fee credits.
One credit is used for every image, thumbnail, or PDF that is optimized with ShortPixel (unless the optimization happens to be less than 5%, in which case, no credit is used).
Everyone gets 100 credits free each month unless on a recurring plan. Free credits are also available when referring others to ShortPixel.
Recurring credits (free or paid) do not carry over to future months, but one-time fee credits never expire. Recurring credits are used before the one-time credits are touched.
Naturally, the cost-per-credit lowers when purchased in higher amounts.
You can find out more here.

Q: When running Bulk ShortPixel the optimization process stops every few minutes, why is that?
A: It has come to our attention that sometimes this behavior occurs when using Safari. Switchin to Chrome browser should solve the issue.

Q: What happens to all the optimized images and files if I choose to deactivate/uninstall the ShortPixel plugin?
A: The optimized images and files will remain on your site.

Q: I am using Short Pixel with Foo Gallery. Once the images are optimized, do I have to go back and delete the current images in the galleries and put in the new optimized images?
A: No, your original images should be automatically replaced with their optimized version by ShortPixel plugin.

Q: What happens to the existing images, when installing the ShortPixel plugin?
A: Just installing the plugin won’t start the optimization process on existing images. To begin optimizing the images previously loaded on your website, you should:
1) Go to Media Library (make sure you select List View), and select which of the existing images you want to optimize.
2) Use the Media Library/Bulk ShortPixel option, to automatically optimize all your previous library

Q: Should I pick lossy or lossless optimization?
A: In most  cases lossy produces significantly smaller images than when lossless option is used. Also in most cases the lossy images are visually identical to their lossless versions. This is why we generally recommend that you use lossy optimization (and keep Backup option active). If there is an image that you don’t like how it was optimized you can always optimize it again as lossless or restore it.

Q: How do I activate the API key on a multisite?
A: You have to activate the plugin in the network admin and then activate it manually on each individual site in the multisite. Once you have done that, the Settings menu appears and you can add the API key for each individual site.
As an alternative, you can edit wp-config.php and add this line

where ‘APIKEY’ is the API Key received upon sign up.

Q: What happens with my original images after they have been processed with ShortPixel?
A: If you didn’t make any changes in the plugin Settings and you left the ‘Image backup’ option checked, the originals will be located in a backup folder at:
After optimization, if you want to switch back to a certain original image, hit Restore backup in the Media Library. If you are happy with the optimized images, you can deactivate saving the backups in the plugin Settings.

Q: What types of formats can be optimized?
A: For now, ShortPixel supports JPEG, PNG, PDF and GIF formats. Animated GIFs and thumbnails are also optimized. Additional formats are scheduled for optimization in the future.

Q: Will ShortPixel work if my website is using CloudFare?
A: Yes, the image processing happens without interfering with the CloudFare protection. The ShortPixel and CloudFare plugins are also compatible.

Affiliate/Referrer program related questions

Q: At least one user has signed up to ShortPixel using my referrer code but I still cannot see my account being credited for that, why?
A: Before an account can be credited, the referred use has to optimize at least 50 images using a domain that hasn’t been used before on ShortPixel.


6 thoughts on “ShortPixel FAQ

  1. Why is there no setting to alter your e-mail. I have exceeded my quote, but have a bigger plan on another account and I want to use that. Even uninstalling the plugin saves all the settings in the Database. Please clean the DB after uninstall.

    1. Hello,
      We are sorry to hear about the difficulties you encountered. Please send us an email at, and we’ll help you change the email address. We can also investigate what happened with the database, as from what we see, it is properly cleaned after uninstalling the plugin.

      Thank you,

  2. Why does it take more than 30 minutes for my purchased credits to show up in my account. Why do you redirect to the plan/price page each time I want to change the email setting. Why do I have to delete the api key in order to get back to the settings menu if I need to change the e-mail. Why cant you just save the e-mail . I already have a plan. Why do you redirect me every time instead of just saving the mail. Why do you use the admin e-mail by default? We have admins and developers etc. That admin_email is not always the one that has to request a key. My god your plugin is a UI/UX mess.

    1. Hi there!
      Sorry to hear about all these issues you’ve been having. It’s actually the first time we hear about them; for example, from what we see, the credits are immediately added after every purchase, there are no issues with the API keys, and also, we haven’t had issues with the e-mails. Since we are missing quite a lot of information about your environment and the actual issues, we’d love it if you could send us a message at so we can properly see what’s going on.

      Looking forward to hearing from you

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